The Riders

Sarah Hammond

Sarah needs no introduction. One of the finest ultra-endurance athletes on the planet, with a wealth of experience in both road and off-road endurance events. Undefeated in her three entries into Race to the Rock, with an impressive ride in both the IPWR and Trans America, she has proved herself to be one of the toughest riders out there - male or female! 

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Bike: Curve Cycling GMX+ 

Age: 39 


Ryan Flinn

The Chief Instigator of the Rhino Run, with a cycling passion that started at the young age of 11. Rhino, as he is known to his friends, is a keen cyclist! From trials riding as a young grasshopper to Triathlon, XC mountain biking, track racing, road racing, criteriums and finally through his good mate Jesse Carlsson... Endurance Cycling! With two crossings of Australia in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, one Trans America and also the Pan Celtic Race, Rhino has a good level of experience and knows the Rhino Run course very well indeed! 

Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Bike: Curve Cycling GXR Ti 

Age: 33


Angus Burrell

Gus as he is affectionally known hails from outback Australia, son to cattle ranchers he is no stranger to the bush and hard work. His thirst for adventure has no end seeing him currently riding around the world before joining us in South Africa!

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Bike: Curve Cycling Kevin of Steel 

Age: 26 


Mally Ryan 

What a character Mally is! A super passionate endurance rider, after completing his first Trans Continental Race he has gone on to put on his own endurance event showcasing his Celtic homeland of Wales, along with Scotland and Ireland. The Pan Celtic Race is now one of the most popular endurance races in Europe! We look forward to him being able to race, and leave the Race Director hat at home! 

Hometown: Llandudno, Wales

Bike: Enigma 

Age: 45


Steeve Booker

Bookie, as he likes to be called, hails from Hove (don't you know) and has only just begun his endurance love affair having been given a taste through Curve Cycling with adventures down the East Coast of the USA and most recently an expedition across Lesotho (a mountain Kingdom in South Africa). Steve although new to ultra and indeed to cycling is a talented sportsman and will no doubt show us a spirited ride beyond his years of experience. 

Hometown: Hove, England

Bike: Curve Cycling Kevin of Steel 650B

Age: 30


Simone Bailey

Simone has been racing for quite some time now, having first crossing paths with the Curve Cycling family in the Trans America, and more recently the Tour Divide. Simone hails from Boston, MA but spends her summers in Montana. An incredibly talented young rider and one we look forward to seeing again come Novemeber! 

Hometown: Boston MA, USA

Bike: Curve Cycling GMX 

Age: 25


Jesse Carlsson

Another rider who needs no introduction, Jesse is an accomplished cyclist having been the junior BMX world champion before turning his attention to 24 hour racing, and ultimately his love of the great outdoors and all things endurance cycling. Arguably one of the best on the planet Jesse entered his first endurance event placing second in the Tour Divide. He then won the Trans America and most recently won Race to the Rock, before putting on races of his own in Australia, the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, and Race To The Rock. Jesse will no doubt be at the pointy end of the race and one to watch!

Hometown: Adelaide, Australia

Bike: Curve Cycling GMX+ 

Age: 41


Chris Greenan

Chris has been involved in endurance cycling for quite some time having spent many European summers adventuring across the continent. Chris is another ride to take on the challenge in The Trans-Continental Race before turning his attention to Race Director showcasing the best Scotland has to offer with the Trans Alba (Alba is the Scottish Gaelic for Scotland). 

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Bike: Curve Cycling Kevin of Steel

Age: 34


Xavier Massart

Xavier is another rider with considerable experience having tackled huge bikepacking rides across Canada, expeditions across Lesotho with Curve Cycling, Completed the Trans-Continental Race multiple times, along with the Biking Man Series and Trans America. We look forward to seeing XaXa out on course and will be a top contender for sure! 

Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

Bike: Curve Cycling Kevin of Steel 

Age: 32


Kim Raeymaekers

Kim has done it all! Trans America, IndiPac, Silk Road, Tour Divide, Trans Con! There's not much left to do on the ultra scene and riders will definitely enjoy a good battle with another strong Belgian rider! Welcome Kim! We are glad to have you mate.

Hometown: Oud Turnhout

Bike: Chiru Kegeti  

Age: 38


Daniel Johansson

Our first Swede! Daniel hails from a small town called Nässjö located in Sweden! Looking through his list of Palmares there is quite a bit of ultra-endurance experience having done the TCR, TAW, TJO, FD, MBA! Look forward to seeing Daniel take on the challenge of the Rhino Run! 

Hometown: Nässjö, Sweden

Bike: Salsa Cutthroat 

Age: 43


Elliot Morgan

Another Yorkshire lad! Elliot has been on many a two wheeled adventure having first crossed paths with us at the Indian Pacific Wheel Race whilst riding around the world! We have then bumped into him again this year at the Pan Celtic Race. Elliot brings with him not only a wealth of experience but is one of the nicest young men you will ever meet. Thanks Elliot, welcome to the Rhino Run! 

Hometown: Sheffield, UK

Bike: Curve GMX

Age: 28


Lee Grieve 

Lee is another adventurous Brit who crossed our path during the inaugural Pan Celtic Race. A solid climber born from many adventures by bike through the Yorkshire Dales. Lee is from Sheffield and although used to more temperate adventures is looking forward to the hotter climate and an African adventure! Welcome Grievesy!

Hometown: Sheffield, UK

Bike: Curve Kevin of Steel

Age: 28


Steffen Streich

We are delighted to have Steffen Streich join this adventure! Steffen is no stranger to endurance racing having placed 2nd in the Trans America (6,800km across the USA) and has also been through Africa before having won the Trans Africa which will no doubt stand him in good stead for the conditions that await riders. Steffen was one of the first riders to take on the Indian Pacific Wheel Race in 2017, and has been racing around the world in every ultra you can think of, most recently winning the North Cape Tarifa. Looking forward to another top riding joining in on this adventure! Thanks Steffen. 

Hometown: German / Greek

Bike: Salsa Curve GMX

Age: 50


Rae Trew-Browne

Rae is simply the nicest dude out there! Everyone loves Rae! We are super proud to have such a wonderful South African ambassador even though Rae still thinks he is a runner, having whipped us all into shape across Lesotho I can confirm he can ride too! 

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Bike: Curve Kevin of Steel (Sgt. Kev)

Age: 35


Peter Maritz

Yet to learn more about Peter when he submits his rider bio. All I know is he has a few Munga's under his belt and is one of the enlightened ones riding titanium. 

Hometown: Ballito, South Africa

Bike: Calculus Ti

Age: 52

Peter Maritz.jpg

Dion Guy

Dion is another South African rider with a bunch of talent going long. He has taken on some tough rides in South Africa with the 1,000km Munga, the 36One and the Desert Dash to name a few, his big test was during the 2019 Silk Road Mountain Race where he performed extremely well although suffered a terrible crash whilst sitting in 2nd place, and after battling on with some serious road rash a broken toe and some bike issues had to retire from the race.


Hometown: Benoni, South Africa

Bike: Curve GMX

Age: 47


Perrine Fages

Perrine hails from France but lives in Doha. She has slowly transitioned from Ironman Triathlon into longer ultra's having recently won the Biking Man series in 2018. A lawyer by day and an endurance athlete by night, we are super excited to see Perrine toe the line in November! 

Hometown: Doha, Qatar

Bike: OPEN U.P

Age: 39